Novation of Contract, Skytel Networks Ireland Limited (trading as “Skytel” or “Rocket BroadBand) to Digiweb Limited (“Digiweb”) (An Affiliate)

We are contacting you in relation to the existing and ongoing contract between you and Skytel for the provision of telecommunications services, referred to as “the Contract”.


Skytel is now part of the Digiweb Group

You may have heard that Skytel’s residential business was recently acquired by Digiweb. As part of an internal reorganisation of our group companies, Skytel is transferring ownership of its residential telecoms business to another company within the group, Digiweb Limited.


Transfer of Your Contract to Digiweb

With effect from 1st March 2022 (the “Transfer Date”) the rights and obligations of Skytel under the Contract will legally transfer to Digiweb Limited. Digiweb Limited is a company registered in Ireland with registration number 263513 and its registered office is at IDA Industrial Park, Dundalk, Co Louth.


Your service will continue as normal and you do not need to take any action. 

With the transfer of your contract, you will join thousands of happy Digiweb customers. Digiweb has been providing broadband and voice services to Irish homes since 1997. The Digiweb team, based in Dundalk, take huge pride in their great service and are consistently rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.


Payments and Changes to your Invoices

There is no change to the monthly cost of your service. All the invoices you receive after the migration date will be issued by Digiweb Limited. If you pay by DIRECT DEBIT or CARD, you need to take no action. Please note the following with regard to payments and BILLING;

  1. Digiweb are aligning all billing and payment timings to a “current calendar month” basis. This means all customers will be billed for the same calendar month that you receive the invoice. If you are billed monthly, you will be billed for the calendar month of March in your February Skytel invoice, and will not receive a further invoice from Digiweb until April 2022. This invoice will charge you for the period 01/04/2022 to 30/04/2022.
  2. Invoices will be issued in the first week of the month.
  3. Direct debits will now be processed in or around the 23rd of the month. Or the next banking day.
  4. The name appearing on your bank account with regard to the direct debit will be Digiweb Group, with creditor reference IE84ZZZ303197.
  5. All Card payments will continue on your agreed payment date.
  6. Alternative (non-direct debit) payment methods will be detailed on your invoice.

Transfer of Contract

Skytel, by this letter, gives notice that, as part of the transfer of its residential business, it intends to legally transfer all of Skytel’s rights, obligations and liabilities under the Contract to Digiweb and with effect from the Transfer Date:

  • There is no change to the Terms and Conditions of your contract. Digiweb will perform the Contract and be bound by Skytel terms in every way as if it were the original party to it, in place of Skytel.
  • You will perform the Contract and be bound by Skytel’s terms in every way as if Digiweb Limited were the original party to it in place of Skytel.
  • Each of Digiweb and you will have the right to enforce the Contract with respect to matters arising before the Transfer Date, as if Digiweb were the original party to the Contract instead of Skytel.
  • Your Contract shall in all respects, other than as set out in this letter, be unchanged.

The continued use of the service after the effective date of the changes is deemed acceptance of the changes.

From the Transfer Date, Skytel’s residential business will be operated through Digiweb Limited. From that date, you should deal solely with Digiweb in respect of the Contract. Payments should be made as set out above and all correspondence relating to the Contract should be sent to Digiweb at its registered office.

Customers on fixed term contracts with a particular preference, may elect to remain contracted with Skytel by delivering notice in writing to  and quoting your account number. That email address should also be used for any questions concerning the transfer. Alternately you can call the Digiweb customer support line at 1918.


Personal Data

In relation to any personal data associated with your account, unless you object to the novation, Digiweb will receive that data as part of the business transfer from Skytel. Digiweb will receive such data in accordance with the Digiweb Privacy Statement (available on Digiweb will become the data controller and will only use such personal data in accordance with data protection laws.


Skytel thanks you for your loyal custom. The team at Digiweb looks forward to welcoming you as a customer.


Yours faithfully,


G Laverty

D Campbell

For and on behalf of Skytel Networks Ireland Ltd
For and on behalf of Digiweb Ltd


Digiweb Limited hereby countersigns this notice, for the purposes of acknowledging the novation of the Contract, and hereby agrees with effect from the Transfer Date to perform and be bound by the Contract as if Digiweb Limited were the original party to the Contract instead of Skytel.