About us

Fast fibre powered broadband for residential and business customers provided by Skytel Networks Ireland Ltd. Skytel delivers reliable, high speed broadband via its own broadband infrastructure in Wexford. Skytel does not resell products by any other company.

We have built our own infrastructure, to deliver the best broadband in Wexford.

Skytel is RIPE (www.ripe.net) registered which means we are registered with one of the 5 internet registries in the world. We are assigned our own IP subnets, and don't use other companies IP space.

Broadband is delivered to you over the Wexford using the Wexford Metropolitan Network (MAN) - which is the highest quality fibre backhaul infrastructure in Ireland. It is a fully redundant protected fibre ring, meaning that if there is a fault, your internet does not go down, it takes a backup path. Skytel is the only commercial operator in Wexford that is using the Wexford MAN. We use only licenced microwave links for backhaul to deliver a low latency product to you.

Our broadband customers, can benefit on low phone call costs by using our own VoIP network that is managed in Dublin, and supports thousands of customers each month.